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Experience The LFTOVRZ, a dynamic band newly signed to Infanity, creating ripples in both the conventional and digital music realms. Not only are they captivating audiences with their melodic flair, but they're also revolutionizing the music NFTs landscape, bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 domains. Their journey to Infanity commenced during a VIP NFT holiday event in December 2022. The LFTOVRZ demonstrated unrivaled resilience, adaptability, and professionalism that impressed Infanity. Their potential was recognized, thanks to Gary Groove's connection with DJ Big Leek and the shared vision for an alternative music experience, harmonizing echoes of the past with present vibrancy. What does this band offer to its audience? A uniquely immersive musical experience. The LFTOVRZ presents an enchanting voyage that invites listeners to embrace life, dance, and free their spirit. Their tunes, distinctly innovative, offer a joyous departure from the mainstream. Boasting a sound that appeals to all, The LFTOVRZ strikes chords deep within the listener, stimulating emotions, and creating memorable moments. Whether you're on a quest for nostalgia, love, a vibrant vibe, or the perfect dance track, they have you covered. The LFTOVRZ is more than just a band; they're a journey, a vibe, an experience. Join them on this exciting adventure into the future of music, one NFT at a time. For press or general company inquiries, please reach out to Jenn Cadiz, Marketing & Media, at


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Infanity "The Things You Do" release with The Leftovers ft. Gina Thompson


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Infanity Welcomes The LFTOVRZ
Infanity Welcomes The LFTOVRZ
Mulit-Talented Band Becomes Infanity's First Group Signing

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